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Jan's watercolors return to the Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde National Park for the summer.


Jan's watercolor's at Far View Lodge, Mesa Verde, have had such a good showing, she has returned for the
2014 season.


Ladders to the Past

Ladders to the Past
Watercolor by Jan Wright


One of Jan’s most popular themes show majestic cliffs, deeply stained with desert varnish. Dwellings of “The Ancients” perch precariously on the cliffs, and ladders often extend into the unknown, reflecting a spiritual or visionary connection to the Ones Who Came Before.


Stunningly beautiful watercolors of ancient cliff dwellings and Ancestral Puebloan sites in the the Four Corners area are on display at the lounge above the five star Metate Room restauratn in Far View Lodge. The Lodge is near the Visitors Center at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

Over 25 paintings are exhibited again through the summer into the fall of 2012.



Mano Lounge, Far View Lodge, Mesa Verde

The lounge above the five star Metate Room restaurant at Far View Lodge, Mesa Verde National Park, CO

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Buterfly Visions

Butterfly Visions
Watercolor, Self Portrait
Jan Wright

Jan Wright
13602 Road 33.6
Mancos CO 81328

Visionary Watercolors of the Southwest


Allow the transformative powers of Butterfly to bring new color, light, and joy into your life.


Sisters in Art, Sisters at Heart:
a Collaborative Exhibition


Fuller Lodge Art Center. 2014


Fuller Lodge art Center, Los Alamos, NM
March2 20-April 26, 2014
Reception March 21, 5-7pm.


A unique exhibition of two best friends: Jan Wright, watercolor artist of southwestern Colorado and KiP Walker, creative photographer of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Two artists’ creative expression of same or similar scenes and concepts in different media, reflecting their love of the Southwest.


Visit KiP Gallery, Sisters in Art, Sisters at Heart: A Collaborative Exhibition to view Images of Jan and KiP's work. We would love to hear from you, so just drop us a line.


And check out our Press Release for more information.


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Mesa Verde Mysteries was Jan Wright’s theme for her Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park, September 30 through October 13, 2012. After working intensely, capturing the ancient beauty and mystery of this famous, archaeological national park, she will do a presentation of her paintings and experiences on October 13 at 7 p.m. at Far View Lodge Lounge, across from the Visitors Center. Twenty-five watercolors and mixed media paintings of hers of the park’s dwellings and rock art have exhibited there for four seasons.


Jan will be returning as Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park, this August 2014.


Cliff Palace Wonder

Cliff palace Wonder




Blue Mesa Magic




Color! was the theme of Jan Wright’s Artist in Residence at Petrified Forest National ParKAugust 13 through 26, 2012. Her watercolors captured the colors and austere beauty of petrified wood and the Painted Desert, resulting in fourteen paintings that were displayed at the Painted Desert Inn while she played native flute her last day of residency. Pictures of her Petrified Forest paintings are available upon request; email her at





Wolf Creek Echos




Jan’s donations this year include a spectacular canyon narrows painting with a hidden wolf called “Wolf Creek Echoes” to the auction for Wolfwood Refuge, a wolf and wolf/dog rescue facility In Ignacio, CO.







See a variety of Jan’s artwork ~ watercolors, prints, cards, shields, dream catchers, and beaded fans ~ visit Artisans of Mancos, 101 Grand Avenue, Mancos, Colorado 81328 or visit

May the Ancient Ones speak to you through enchanting images and stories of the Southwest. May the nurturing stones ground you on your many pathways of life's metamorphosis.


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Original Paintings ~ Taking Flight

Square Tower Mesa VerdeJan's intensely colorful and clearly defined watercolors lead you into the mysteries of canyon narrows, ancient cliff and pueblo dwellings, and enchanting southwest landscapes. Often a spirit animal or ancient being are suggested in the textures, shadows, or reflections within the painting, adding a spiritual wonder to an already mesmerizing scene.


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Papillon Posters

Coyote Tosses the StarsSelected images of Jan's paintings were created into posters, including southwest scenes, a Kiva ladder with hidden animals, and a colorful Coyote tale collage.

Cost of each is $25 if shrink-wrapped, $10 if rolled in a tube with free shipping.

Upon request, other images may be made into posters. Costs will be determined by size and quality desired. Please contact Jan below with request.



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Chrysalis Cards

Crow CanyonShare these enchanting Southwest images with others or enjoy them framed on your own wall.

Jan Wright's watercolors are perfect greeting cards for all seasons and occasions.

Most are blank, no text greeting cards. Canyon Yule has a Solstice greeting.

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Tools for Change

As with Butterfly's many stages of metamorphosis, we as humans cycle through much change. Our ability to remain adaptable and open to our own transformation is vital to our evolution. Jan, through her own metamorphosis and spiritual awakening, developed along her way many tools for her own transformation and now shares them with all interested.

Butterfly shieldFrom her studies with a Hopi trained shaman, Jan began creating SHIELDS for honoring the directions, animal guides, ancient spirit guides, and for protection.

Mary, owner of Peace Tree Trading of Brooksville, FL, comments, "My customers love finding special representations of their totem animals. Jan creates masterful shields of a wide variety of animals and archetypes. I am pleased to offer Jan's healing tools in my store."



beaded fanBecause of her connection with Native cultures, Jan has always been fascinated with BEADWORK and began creating fans and rattles with intricate peyote stitch patterns. Jan also beads candle bands, bookmarks, and beadwork for bags on a loom.
Ceremonial fans are used for smudging, cleansing a space or aura, often with burning sage, cedar, or sweet grass.



Jan's 'HANDS OF THE ANCIENTS' MEDICINE CARDS, which are currently out of print, consist of 22 images of ancient rock art, bringing the past energies into the present. They are often used by spreading the deck and energetically selecting a card for the day or by requesting aid in solving a problem.

Hands of the Ancients Cards

If you wish to be notified when the Hands of the Ancients Medicine Cards are available please email Jan and copy “Notification for Hands of the Ancients Medicine Cards” in the subject line. Or check the web site for further updates.



Spirit Horse Canyon'ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS ~ A Spirit Quest Journey' is a book of Jan Wright's short stories of extraordinary experiences and lessons with animals she has met on her spiritual path. Each recounts her contact with the animal and relates information regarding that animal that helped her to grasp the lesson it brought to her. Each story is illustrated by a painting, dream catcher, shield, or beaded fan by Jan.

Not yet available.





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