Butterfly Visions

Visionary Watercolors of the Southwest

Allow the transformative powers of Butterfly to bring new color, light, and joy into your life.

“Butterfly Visions,” Watercolors by Jan Wright, came from the Hopi name Jan was given to become a Pipe Carrier in the mid-nineties. Her visions through watercolor and mixed media paintings provide the viewer with color, light, and creative expression like no other. Her shamanic training, through several Native traditions, brings mysticism often to her paintings. They become a journey into the worlds of Earth and Spirit. “A few years ago, with much gratitude in my heart, I vowed in all things to creatively express Spirit (Creator, God, Goddess, Father Sky) and Mother Earth so deeply as to touch the hearts and souls of all who look upon my work.”

Just as Butterfly goes through many transformations, Jan’s transformative paintings encourage us to take a deeper look into Southwest landscapes. Who were the Ancient Ones who left behind such beautiful dwellings, artifacts, potsherds, and rock art? How did they know to create calendrical solar markers? What did they believe?

Enjoy your journey through this website, and may Jan’s artwork touch you deeply within your soul.

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